Berkshire Eagle
  Monday, May 16, 2005
  Government by laws, not polls 

  The fact that 65 percent of respondents to a news poll support Governor 
  Mitt Romney's idea of a "foolproof" death penalty doesn't make it any 
  less of a bad idea. The response of the Berkshire delegation serves as 
  a reminder of why we have a Legislature in this commonwealth -- so that 
  popular passions do not become bad laws. State Representative Daniel E. 
  Bosley and Senator Andrea F. Nuciforo Jr. both said the poll numbers 
  are no surprise, but people care more about health care and education 
  than they do about killing people. No law enacted by a government of 
  men and women can be foolproof; it's a wise government that recognizes 
  the limit of its capabilities.