The 182nd General Court
2001-2002 Massachusetts Senate
Positions on reinstatement of the death penalty

Last updated September 11, 2002


Name Party District DP Position
For reinstatement?
18 Y / 22 N
Vote on

21 Y / 16 N
Nuciforo, Andrea D Berkshire, Hampden,
Hampshire & Franklin
N N  
Menard, Joan D 1st Bristol N    
Montigny, Mark D 2nd Bristol N N  
O'Leary, Robert D Cape & Islands N    
McGee, Thomas D 1st Essex N   Senator Chip Clancy, a death penalty supporter, resigned to become Mayor of Lynn. Thomas McGee won the April 23, 2002 special election.
Berry, Frederick D 2nd Essex Y   Absent due to illness on 11/15/99.
Baddour, Steven D 3rd Essex N   Senator James Jajuga, a death penalty supporter, resigned in September 2001 after appointment as Secretary of Public Safety. Assistant Attorney General Steven Baddour won the January 8, 2002 special election.
Tarr, Bruce R 1st Essex & Middlesex Y Y  
Tucker, Susan D 2nd Essex & Middlesex N N  
Melconian, Linda D Hampden Y Y  
Lees, Brian R 1st Hampden & Hampshire Y Y  
Knapik, Michael R 2nd Hampden & Hampshire Y Y  
Rosenberg, Stanley D Hampshire & Franklin N N  
Panagiotakos, Steven D 1st Middlesex Y Y  
Shannon, Charles D 2nd Middlesex Y Y Committee on Criminal Justice
Tisei, Richard R 3rd Middlesex Y Y  
Havern, Robert D 4th Middlesex N N Voted "Y" in 1997.
Fargo, Susan D 5th Middlesex N N  
Creem, Cynthia D 1st Middlesex & Norfolk N N Senate Chair, Committee on Criminal Justice
Magnani, David D Middlesex, Norfolk
& Worcester
N N  
Tolman, Steven D Middlesex & Suffolk N N  
Birmingham, Thomas D Middlesex, Suffolk
& Essex
N   Voted "N" in 1994. As Senate President since 1996, generally votes only to break a tie.
Resor, Pamela D Middlesex & Worcester N N Voted "N" in House in 1997 and 1999.
Jacques, Cheryl D Norfolk, Bristol
& Middlesex
N Y Changed positions in June, 2001. Boston Globe op-ed
Sprague, Jo Ann R Norfolk, Bristol
& Plymouth
Y Y  
Hart, John D 1st Suffolk Y Y Senator Stephen Lynch resigned in October to assume the seat of late US Congressman Joe Moakley. Fourth Suffolk Representative John Hart, also a death penalty supporter, won the special election held February 12, 2002.
Wilkerson, Dianne D 2nd Suffolk N N  
Travaglini, Robert D Suffolk & Middlesex N N  
Joyce, Brian D Suffolk & Norfolk N N  
Morrissey, Michael D Norfolk & Plymouth Y Y Committee on Criminal Justice
Walsh, Marian D Norfolk & Suffolk N N  
Murray, Therese D Plymouth & Barnstable Y Y  
Pacheco, Marc D 1st Plymouth & Bristol Y Y  
Creedon, Robert D 2nd Plymouth & Bristol N N Committee on Criminal Justice
Hedlund, Robert R Plymouth & Norfolk Y Y Committee on Criminal Justice
Chandler, Harriette D 1st Worcester Y   Voted "Y" in House in 1997 and 1999.
Glodis, Guy D 2nd Worcester Y Y  
Brewer, Stephen D Worcester, Hampden,
Hampshire & Franklin
Y Y  
Antonioni, Robert D Worcester & Middlesex N N Committee on Criminal Justice
Moore, Richard D Worcester & Norfolk Y Y  


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