Massachusetts death penalty legislation


On November 7, 2007, House lawmakers again overwhelmingly rejected a bill to reinstate the death penalty by a vote of 46-110. The vote effectively killed any chance of the bill becoming law for the 2007 session. See the AP article here.

HB. 1511 was filed by Rep. Brad Jones, and was heard on October 23, 2007 before the Joint Committees on the Judiciary.


On April 28, 2005, Governor Romney filed his long-awaited bill for the reinstatement of capital punishment, based on the recommendations of his blue-ribbon Governor's Council on Capital Punishment.

2005 Editorials

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The bill, House 3834, was referred to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary. Hearings were held on Thursday, July 14, 2005. The bill was defeated 53-100 in the House of Representatives on November 15, 2005. read more