The 183rd General Court
2003-2004 Massachusetts House of Representatives
Positions on reinstatement of the death penalty

Last updated September 28, 2004

Representative Party District DP Position
For reinstatement?
59 Y / 95 N
4 Undecided
2 vacancies
Vote on

60 Y / 94 N
Vote on

73 Y / 80 N
George, Thomas R 1st Barnstable Y Y Y  
Atsalis, Demetrius D 2nd Barnstable Y Y Y  
Patrick, Matthew D 3rd Barnstable N N    
Gomes, Shirley R 4th Barnstable N N N  
Perry, Jeffrey R 5th Barnstable Y      
Turkington, Eric D Barnstable, Dukes
& Nantucket
N N N  
Bosley, Daniel D 1st Berkshire N   N Did not vote on 3/12/01.
Kelly, Shaun R 2nd Berkshire N N    
Larkin, Peter D 3rd Berkshire N N N  
Pignatelli, William "Smitty" D 4th Berkshire N      
Coppola, Michael R 1st Bristol Y Y    
Lepper, John R 2nd Bristol Y Y Y  
Fagan, James D 3rd Bristol N N N  
Travis, Phillip D 4th Bristol Y Y Y  
Haddad, Patricia D 5th Bristol N N    
Sullivan, David D 6th Bristol Y Y Y  
Correia, Robert D 7th Bristol N N Y  
Rodrigues, Michael D 8th Bristol Y Y Y  
Quinn, John D 9th Bristol N N N  
Straus, William D 10th Bristol N N N  
Koczera, Robert D 11th Bristol Y Y Y  
Howland, Mark D 12th Bristol ?     Undecided
Cabral, Antonio D 13th Bristol N N N  
Poirier, Elizabeth R 14th Bristol Y Y    
Costello, Michael D 1st Essex N      
Stanley, Harriet D 2nd Essex Y Y Y  
Dempsey, Brian D 3rd Essex Y Y Y Voted "N" in 1995, "Y" in 1997.
Hill, Bradford R 4th Essex Y Y Y  
Verga, Anthony D 5th Essex N N N  
Grant, Mary D 6th Essex N      
Ruane, J. Michael D 7th Essex Y Y Y  
Petersen, Douglas D 8th Essex N N N  
Falzone, Mark D 9th Essex N N    
Fennell, Robert D 10th Essex Y Y Y Voted "N" in 1995, "Y" in 1997.
Walsh, Steven D 11th Essex N      
Spiliotis, Joyce D 12th Essex Y      
Speliotis, Theodore D 13th Essex N N N  
Torrisi, David D 14th Essex N N N  
Broadhurst, Arthur D 15th Essex N N N  
Lantigua, William U 16th Essex N     Rep. Lantigua left the Democratic Party in order to run against incumbent Democrat Jose Santiago as an unenrolled candidate.
Finegold, Barry D 17th Essex N N N  
L'Italien, Barbara D 18th Essex N      
Kulik Stephen D 1st Franklin N N N  
Donelan, Christopher D 2nd Franklin N      
Hillman, Reed R 1st Hampden Y Y   Criminal Justice Committee
Rogeness, Mary R 2nd Hampden Y Y Y  
Keenan, Daniel D 3rd Hampden Y Y Y  
Humason, Donald R 4th Hampden Y      
Kane, Michael D 5th Hampden N N    
Buoniconti, Stephen D 6th Hampden N N   Committee on Criminal Justice
Petrolati, Thomas D 7th Hampden Y Y Y  
Wagner, Joseph D 8th Hampden Y Y Y  
Asselin, Christopher D 9th Hampden N N    
Rivera, Cheryl D 10th Hampden N N N  
Swan, Benjamin D 11th Hampden N N N  
Candaras, Gale D 12th Hampden N      
Kocot, Peter D 1st Hampshire N      
Scibak, John D 2nd Hampshire N      
Story, Ellen D 3rd Hampshire N N N  
Hargraves, Robert R 1st Middlesex Y Y Y  
Hall, Geoffrey D 2nd Middlesex Y Y Y Voted "N" in 1995, "Y" in 1997.
Walrath, Patricia D 3rd Middlesex N N N  
LeDuc, Stephen D 4th Middlesex N N N  
Linsky, David D 5th Middlesex N N   Committee on Criminal Justice
Blumer, Deborah D 6th Middlesex N N    
Spilka, Karen D 7th Middlesex N      
LoScocco, Paul R 8th Middlesex N N    
Stanley, Thomas D 9th Middlesex N N    
Koutoujian, Peter D 10th Middlesex N N N  
Khan, Kay D 11th Middlesex N N N  
Balser, Ruth D 12th Middlesex N N N  
Pope, Susan R 13th Middlesex Y Y Y  
Atkins, Cory D 14th Middlesex N N    
Kaufman, Jay D 15th Middlesex N N N  
Golden, Thomas D 16th Middlesex Y Y Y  
Nangle, David D 17th Middlesex Y Y Y  
Murphy, Kevin D 18th Middlesex Y Y Y  
Miceli, James D 19th Middlesex Y Y Y  
Jones, Bradley R 20th Middlesex Y Y Y  
Murphy, Charles D 21st Middlesex N N N Committee on Criminal Justice
Greene, William D 22nd Middlesex Y Y Y  
Marzilli, Jim D 23rd Middlesex N N N  
Paulsen, Anne D 24th Middlesex N N N Committee on Criminal Justice
Wolf, Alice D 25th Middlesex N N N position statement
Toomey, Timothy D 26th Middlesex N Y Y Voted "N" in 1995, "Y" in 1997. Returned to "N" postion in 2002.
Jehlen, Patricia D 27th Middlesex N N N  
Connolly, Edward D 28th Middlesex Y Y Y  
Kaprielian, Rachel D 29nd Middlesex N N N  
Donovan, Carol D 30th Middlesex N N N  
Casey, Paul D 31st Middlesex N N N  
Festa, Michael D 32nd Middlesex N N N Committee on Criminal Justice
Fallon, Christopher D 33rd Middlesex Y Y Y  
Ciampa, Vincent D 34th Middlesex Y Y Y  
Donato, Paul D 35th Middlesex N N    
Garry, Colleen D 36th Middlesex N N Y  
Eldridge, James D 37th Middlesex N      
Ayers, Bruce D 1st Norfolk Y Y Y  
Tobin, A. Stephen D 2nd Norfolk Y Y Y  
Mariano, Ronald D 3rd Norfolk Y Y Y  
Murphy, James D 4th Norfolk N      
Driscoll, Joseph D 5th Norfolk Y     Rep. Joseph Sullivan resigned his seat on February 5, 2003 to become Director of the state lottery. Rep. Driscoll won the special election held on May 13.
Galvin, William D 6th Norfolk Y Y Y Voted "N" in 1995, "Y" in 1997.
Timilty, Walter D 7th Norfolk Y Y Y Committee on Criminal Justice
Kafka, Louis D 8th Norfolk N N N  
vacant   9th Norfolk       Rep. Scott Brown moved to the Senate (Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex district) following the resignation of Sen. Cheryl Jacques.
Vallee, James D 10th Norfolk Y Y Y House Chair, Committee on Criminal Justice
Coughlin, Robert D 11th Norfolk ?     Undecided
Rogers, John D 12th Norfolk N N N  
Harkins, Lida D 13th Norfolk N N N  
Peisch, Alice D 14th Norfolk N      
Smizik, Frank D 15th Norfolk N N   position statement
deMacedo, Vinny R 1st Plymouth Y Y Y  
Gifford, Susan R 2nd Plymouth Y      
Bradley, Garrett D 3rd Plymouth N N   Committee on Criminal Justice
Hynes, Frank D 4th Plymouth N N N  
Nyman, Robert D 5th Plymouth Y Y Y  
Webster, Daniel R 6th Plymouth Y     Criminal Justice Committee
Teahan, Kathleen D 7th Plymouth N N N  
Flynn, David D 8th Plymouth N N Y  
Kennedy, Thomas D 9th Plymouth N N N  
Canavan, Christine D 10th Plymouth Y Y Y  
Creedon, Geraldine D 11th Plymouth N   N Did not vote on 3/12/01.
O'Brien, Thomas D 12th Plymouth Y Y Y  
Petruccelli, Anthony D 1st Suffolk Y Y    
O'Flaherty, Gene D 2nd Suffolk N N N  
DiMasi, Salvatore D 3rd Suffolk N N N House Majority Leader, and Speaker of the House after September 28, 2004.
Wallace, Brian D 4th Suffolk ?     Undecided
St. Fleur, Marie D 5th Suffolk N N    
Owens-Hicks, Shirley D 6th Suffolk N N N  
Fox, Gloria D 7th Suffolk N N N  
Demakis, Paul D 8th Suffolk N N N  
Rushing, Byron D 9th Suffolk N N N position statement
Rush, Michael D 10th Suffolk N      
Malia, Elizabeth D 11th Suffolk N N N  
Finneran, Thomas D 12th Suffolk N N N Rep. Finneran resigned as Speaker of the House on September 28, 2004.
position statement
Walsh, Martin D 13th Suffolk N N N  
Scaccia, Angelo D 14th Suffolk N N N  
Sanchez, Jeffrey D 15th Suffolk N      
Reinstein, Kathi-Anne D 16th Suffolk N N N  
Honan, Kevin D 17th Suffolk N N N  
Golden, Brian Paul D 18th Suffolk N N N  
DeLeo, Robert D 19th Suffolk Y Y Y  
Evangelidis, Lewis R 1st Worcester Y      
Knuuttila, Brian D 2nd Worcester Y Y Y Committee on Criminal Justice
Goguen, Emile D 3rd Worcester N N N  
vacant   4th Worcester       Rep. Mary Jane Simmons died on August 13, 2004. [Boston Globe obituary]
Gobi, Anne D 5th Worcester N      
Carron, Mark D 6th Worcester N N    
Frost, Paul R 7th Worcester Y Y Y  
Kujawski, Paul D 8th Worcester Y Y Y  
Peterson, George R 9th Worcester Y Y Y  
Parente, Marie D 10th Worcester Y   Y Did not vote on 3/12/01.
Polito, Karyn R 11th Worcester Y Y    
Naughton, Harold D 12th Worcester N N N Voted "Y" in 1997.
Spellane, Robert D 13th Worcester N N    
Leary, James D 14th Worcester N N    
Pedone, Vincent D 15th Worcester Y Y Y  
Fresolo, John D 16th Worcester Y Y Y  
Binienda, John D 17th Worcester Y Y Y  
Callahan, Jennifer D 18th Worcester ?     Undecided


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