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MADPEN is an e-mail list for organizations and individuals working to keep the death penalty out of Massachusetts. It is for the exchange of ideas/strategies/plans/news and to generally stay in touch with one another. MADPEN is not a coalition nor the voice any any single organization, but an exchange of information among over 200 organizations and individuals. There's no way we could all meet regularly, but e-mail might be a good substitute. The people on this list are professional staff, volunteer activists and others representing a variety of organizations.

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Here is how MADPEN works:

  • To join the list: send a blank e-mail to: (or use the box on the right).
  • To leave the list: send a blank e-mail to:
  • To post to the list: MADPEN members send items to for redistribution to the whole list. The administrator generally forwards any topical message, but tries to filter out the spam.
    • To distinguish between MADPEN submissions and other communications, please put for MADPEN in the subject line of submissions. If you leave this out, I may have to contact you to verify your intentions before posting.
    • Sign submissions with your name, e-mail address, and organization if appropriate.
    • Please stay on topic. Submissions should be germane to the death penalty in Massachusetts. If that connection is not clear, you may want to explain the relevance.
    • Please keep your submissions clean and ready to post. Avoid simply forwarding e-mail from others without editing out the headers, footers, ">" marks, and other extraneous material, as these can make your message difficult to read.
    • Do not include attachments or HTML-formatting, just plain text.
  • It is not feasible to verify each post. Content is the responsibility of the individuals who submit material to MADPEN for distribution.
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Your email address is not shared with anyone else. Also, MADPEN is edited to keep content quality high and clutter in your INBOX low. MADPEN averages between two and three messages per week.

Archived messages from May 2001 onward are available to MADPEN subscribers on the topica website. Copies of earlier MADPENs can be requested from the list administrator.

Communication works best when everyone participates. Please let others know about MADPEN and be sure to send in your news/announcements.

Let the discussion begin!