2004 Massachusetts legislative races
and death penalty positions

Last updated: November 3, 2004
Below are all the legislative races with as much detail as I've been able to gather so far. A * indicates an incumbent. The N or Y after a name is how they would vote (or have voted) on death penalty reinstatement, if known. A ? indicates undecided or an incumbent whose position was never clarified. The usual caution should be remembered: no votes are guaranteed. Positions change with circumstances and shifting political winds (especially first-term legislators). Be in touch with your own Senator and Representative each session.
  • Senate: 25 N, 15 Y
  • House: 98 N, 59 Y, 3 ?
winner = winner of general election

districtDemocratRepublicanother parties
Berkshire, Hampshire & Franklin winner *Nuciforo N Thompson  
Bristol & Norfolk winner Timilty N McCarter Y  
1st Bristol & Plymouth winner *Menard N -none-  
2nd Bristol & Plymouth winner *Montigny N -none-  
Cape & Islands winner *O'Leary N Lese N Gonzaga (I)
1st Essex winner *Baddour N Martin  
2nd Essex winner *Berry Y -none-  
1st Essex & Middlesex McGeary N winner *Tarr Y  
2nd Essex & Middlesex winner *Tucker N Jones  
3rd Essex & Middlesex winner *McGee N -none-  
Hampden winner Buoniconti N Chaput  
1st Hampden & Hampshire -none- winner *Lees Y  
2nd Hampden & Hampshire -none- winner *Knapik Y  
Hampshire & Franklin winner *Rosenberg N Miller Y  
1st Middlesex winner *Panagiotakos Y Lyman  
2nd Middlesex winner *Shannon Y -none-  
3rd Middlesex winner *Fargo N Thibault Y  
4th Middlesex winner *Havern N Lucente  
Middlesex & Essex Clark N winner *Tisei Y  
1st Middlesex & Norfolk winner *Creem N Fraser  
2nd Middlesex & Norfolk winner Spilka N Coffey  
Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex winner *Barrios N -none-  
Middlesex & Worcester winner *Resor N Jané Y  
Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex McQuilkin N winner *Brown Y Sinoff (L)
Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth winner *Joyce N -none-  
Norfolk & Plymouth winner *Morrissey Y -none-  
Plymouth & Barnstable winner *Murray Y Duncan N  
1st Plymouth & Bristol winner *Pacheco Y Jonah  
2nd Plymouth & Bristol winner *Creedon N Novak Y  
Plymouth & Norfolk -none- winner *Hedlund Y  
1st Suffolk winner *Hart Y -none- Long (I)
2nd Suffolk winner *Wilkerson N -none-  
1st Suffollk & Middlesex winner *Travaglini N LaVoie  
2nd Suffollk & Middlesex winner *Tolman N Ferencsik  
Suffolk & Norfolk winner *Walsh N -none- Joyce N
1st Worcester winner *Chandler N Paige  
2nd Worcester winner Augustus N Blute Y Burdzel (I)
Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & Franklin winner *Brewer Y Gaucher McMahon (L)
Worcester & Middlesex winner *Antonioni N Shnaider Zitola (GR) N
Worcester & Norfolk winner *Moore Y Jachimczyk Y  

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districtDemocratRepublicanother parties
1st Barnstable winner Turner N Neitz Y  
2nd Barnstable winner *Atsalis Y Canedy  
3rd Barnstable winner *Patrick N Wheatley Y  
4th Barnstable Peake winner *Gomes N  
5th Barnstable Blank N winner *Perry Y  
Barnstable, Dukes & Nantucket winner *Turkington N Powell  
1st Berkshire winner *Bosley N Lukkarila  
2nd Berkshire winner Guyer N Stockwell Y  
3rd Berkshire winner *Larkin N -none-  
4th Berkshire winner *Pignatelli N Bashour  
1st Bristol -none- winner *Coppola Y  
2nd Bristol -none- winner *Lepper Y  
3rd Bristol winner *Fagan N -none-  
4th Bristol winner *Travis Y Howitt  
5th Bristol winner *Haddad N -none- Smith (I) N
6th Bristol winner *Sullivan Y -none-  
7th Bristol winner *Correia N -none- Leary (L) Y
8th Bristol winner *Rodrigues Y -none-  
9th Bristol winner *Quinn N -none-  
10th Bristol winner *Straus N Haaland Y  
11th Bristol winner *Koczera Y -none-  
12th Bristol winner Canessa ?
13th Bristol winner *Cabral N -none-  
14th Bristol Geoghegan winner *Poirier Y  
1st Essex winner *Costello N Fowler  
2nd Essex winner *Stanley Y Finneran ?  
3rd Essex winner *Dempsey Y Corbett Y  
4th Essex Purinton N winner *Hill Y  
5th Essex winner *Verga N -none-  
6th Essex winner *Grant N Murray Y Paglia (I)
7th Essex winner Keenan N Summer Grabowski (GR) N
8th Essex winner *Petersen N Randall Y  
9th Essex winner *Falzone N Motzkin Y  
10th Essex winner *Fennell Y -none-  
11th Essex winner *Walsh N -none-  
12th Essex winner *Spiliotis Y McCarthy Y  
13th Essex winner *Speliotis N Judson Y  
14th Essex winner *Torrisi N Johnson  
15th Essex winner *Broadhurst N -none-  
16th Essex Santiago N -none- winner *Lantigua (I) N
17th Essex winner *Finegold N Eldracher  
18th Essex winner *L'Italien N Marasco Y  
1st Franklin winner *Kulik N Cranston Y Fortune (GR) N
2nd Franklin winner *Donelan N Richard Y  
1st Hampden Palacios-Boyce N winner Smola Y  
2nd Hampden -none- winner *Rogeness Y  
3rd Hampden winner *Keenan Y Porth  
4th Hampden -none- winner *Humason Y  
5th Hampden winner *Kane N -none-  
6th Hampden winner Welch N Vogel Y  
7th Hampden winner *Petrolati Y -none-  
8th Hampden winner *Wagner Y DuBois  
9th Hampden winner Curran N -none-  
10th Hampden winner *Rivera N Vazquez N  
11th Hampden winner *Swan N Lysak Y  
12th Hampden winner *Candaras N Collamore Y  
1st Hampshire winner *Kocot N Andrulis Y  
2nd Hampshire winner *Scibak N -none-  
3rd Hampshire winner *Story N Traester N  
1st Middlesex -none- winner *Hargraves Y  
2nd Middlesex winner *Hall Y Galvin Y  
3rd Middlesex winner *Walrath N Heeren Y  
4th Middlesex winner *LeDuc N Cosco N  
5th Middlesex winner *Linsky N Lambert Y  
6th Middlesex winner *Blumer N Sanchez Y Bloomfield (I)
7th Middlesex winner Sannicandro N Connaughton Doherty (L) Y
8th Middlesex -none- winner *LoScocco N  
9th Middlesex winner *Stanley N Fosburg Stein (GR) N
10th Middlesex winner *Koutoujian N -none-  
11th Middlesex winner *Khan N Swiston Y  
12th Middlesex winner *Balser N -none-  
13th Middlesex Thomas N winner *Pope Y  
14th Middlesex winner *Atkins N Stevenson  
15th Middlesex winner *Kaufman N Ryan N  
16th Middlesex winner *T. Golden Y -none-  
17th Middlesex winner *Nangle Y Krieger  
18th Middlesex winner *Murphy Y -none-  
19th Middlesex winner *Miceli Y -none-  
20th Middlesex Tafoya N winner *Jones Y  
21st Middlesex winner *Murphy N Cirignano Y  
22nd Middlesex winner *Greene Y Lombardo Y  
23rd Middlesex winner *Marzilli N Steinhilber Y Dunn (L)
24th Middlesex winner *Paulsen N Cuddeback N  
25th Middlesex winner *Wolf N -none- Johnson (GR) N
26th Middlesex winner *Toomey N Slavitt Y  
27th Middlesex winner *Jehlen N Baird Y  
28th Middlesex winner *Connolly Y -none-  
29nd Middlesex winner *Kaprielian N -none-  
30th Middlesex winner Natale N Meaney Y  
31st Middlesex winner *Casey N Prindiville Y  
32nd Middlesex winner *Festa N Quinn N  
33rd Middlesex winner *Fallon Y -none-  
34nd Middlesex winner Sciortino N -none-  
35th Middlesex winner *Donato N -none- Carey (I)
36th Middlesex winner *Garry N -none-  
37th Middlesex winner *Eldridge N Dyer Y  
1st Norfolk winner *Ayers Y Sandonato  
2nd Norfolk winner *Tobin Y -none-  
3rd Norfolk winner *Mariano Y -none-  
4th Norfolk winner *Murphy N Veeder Y  
5th Norfolk winner *Driscoll Y Kokoros Y  
6th Norfolk winner *Galvin Y Bonnanzio Y  
7th Norfolk winner *Timilty Y -none-  
8th Norfolk winner *Kafka N -none-  
9th Norfolk McFeeley N winner Ross Y  
10th Norfolk winner *Vallee Y -none-  
11th Norfolk winner *Coughlin ?
Position unknown
12th Norfolk winner *Rogers N -none-  
13th Norfolk winner *Harkins N -none-  
14th Norfolk winner *Peisch N Field Y  
15th Norfolk winner *Smizik N -none-  
1st Plymouth Tripp N winner *deMacedo Y  
2nd Plymouth Malloy N winner *Gifford Y  
3rd Plymouth winner *Bradley N -none- Burns (I) N
4th Plymouth winner *Hynes N -none-  
5th Plymouth winner *Nyman Y -none-  
6th Plymouth -none- winner *Webster Y  
7th Plymouth winner *Teahan N Kirby Y  
8th Plymouth winner *Flynn N McLaughlin  
9th Plymouth winner *Kennedy N -none-  
10th Plymouth winner *Canavan Y Chaupette  
11th Plymouth winner *Creedon N Lima  
12th Plymouth winner *O'Brien Y Curtis Y  
1st Suffolk winner *Petruccelli Y -none- Garza (SW)
2nd Suffolk winner *O'Flaherty N -none-  
3rd Suffolk winner *DiMasi N -none-  
4th Suffolk winner *Wallace Y -none-  
5th Suffolk winner *St. Fleur N -none-  
6th Suffolk winner *Owens-Hicks N -none-  
7th Suffolk winner *Fox N -none-  
8th Suffolk winner Walz N Babson Y White (AF) N
9th Suffolk winner *Rushing N -none-  
10th Suffolk winner *Rush N Begien Y  
11th Suffolk winner *Malia N -none-  
12th Suffolk winner *Finneran N
Will resign, expect special election
13th Suffolk winner *Walsh N -none- O'Gorman (I)
14th Suffolk winner *Scaccia N Giangrande Y Krick (L)
15th Suffolk winner *Sanchez N -none-  
16th Suffolk winner *Reinstein N -none-  
17th Suffolk winner *Honan N -none-  
18th Suffolk winner *B. Golden N -none-  
19th Suffolk winner *DeLeo Y White  
1st Worcester -none- winner *Evangelidis Y  
2nd Worcester winner *Knuuttila Y -none-  
3rd Worcester winner *Goguen N -none-  
4th Worcester winner Flanagan Y Nault Y  
5th Worcester winner *Gobi N Hasenfus  
6th Worcester winner *Carron N Singer  
7th Worcester -none- winner *Frost Y  
8th Worcester winner *Kujawski Y Mann  
9th Worcester Myers Y winner *Peterson Y  
10th Worcester winner *Parente Y -none-  
11th Worcester -none- winner *Polito Y  
12th Worcester winner *Naughton N Stanton  
13th Worcester winner *Spellane N -none-  
14th Worcester winner *Leary N -none-  
15th Worcester winner *Pedone Y -none-  
16th Worcester winner *Fresolo Y Cashman  
17th Worcester winner *Binienda Y -none-  
18th Worcester winner *Callahan N Funnell Y  

party abbreviations
AFAmerican Freedom Party
GRGreen-Rainbow Party
IIndependent or Unenrolled
LLibertarian Party
SWSocialist Workers Party

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